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Regarded as one of the greatest playwrights of the Victorian Era, Wilde wrote and produced nine plays. A celebrity in his own time, Wilde’s indelible influence will remain as strong as ever and keep audiences captivated in perpetuity. The Oscar Wilde Bear is a timeless item for any collector. The body of the bear is made in beautiful brown hopsack tweed, which has flecks of reds, oranges and greys. The paw pads are a beautiful rich dark red tone in velour, echoing Wilde’s sophisticated and colourful nature whilst Oscar Wilde’s actual signature is embroidered on the left paw pad in luxurious gold lurex thread, a symbol of opulence associated with Wilde’s elegant and lavish character. Celebrating a dapper and stylish Irish Great, the Oscar Wilde Bear is a charming gift for any modern day gent!


  • Fully movable joints

  • Cotton Storage Bag

  • Individual Passport with serial number for each bear

  • Actual signature of the poet embroidered on paw pad

  • Velour contrasts

  • Tweed body

  • Bead Eyes

  • Embroidered nose and mouth in black thread

  • Approx. 32cm standing, 24cm when sitting

  • CE/ASTM Certified