Black Tie Suits: Rent or Buy?

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There are some myths and possible misconceptions about renting Black Tie Suits. Depending on the establishment you go to, they may just offer a standard one size fits all approach. They may not cater for regular, slim or modern fits. Rental suits are made of good quality fabrics and can be more durable than other Black Tie Suits. This is because they are manufactured for the purpose of excessive dry cleaning. Within this post we will discuss the pros of buying your Black Tie Suit rather than renting it.

Creative Control:
There is nothing better than having a suit tailored to fit you perfectly. This process transcends an average looking suit into the perfect suit. As it is tailored to for your own specifications you will feel more confident in it and  it will look a lot of more expensive than it is. Providing your body shape does not dramatically change over the years, you will have the luxury of being able to get subtle alterations as you grow up throughout the years. Buying your own Black Tie suit will give you more creative control allowing you to accessories it differently for multiple occasions. A good quality Black Tie Suit will end up saving you money on the long run because you will not have to rent one whenever the occasion may arise. 

If you own your own Black Tie Suit, you have the freedom to attend black tie events within a moments notice. As you have already bought it you will have the necessary shoes and accessories to help carry the look off. With renting you will have to rely on a store to carry your size, have it in stock, to make sure it is ready to go and hope they can fit you in for subtle alterations. This process will cause unnecessary stress and time wasted. These endeavours will eventually cost you the price of buying your own Black Tie Suit over time. 

Experiential Retail:
There are some things you just cannot put a price on, the feeling of having your own suit perfectly cut and designed to suit your body shape is one of them. Made To Measure tailoring is the synergy of bespoke garment creation and ready to wear tailoring. It is perfect for those who attend multiple Black Tie Events throughout the year. A well crafted made to measure suit can pass as a bespoke garment depending on the quality of cloth used and the skill of the tailor crafting your wedding suit. It can be a daunting task trying to find a rental suit that you feel look your best in.Simple alterations can only go so far when you have the perfect idea for a suit in your mind but it is not being offered on the shop floor.

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