Christmas Wedding: A Gents Guide

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The Formalities:

Before you begin suit shopping it is important to gage the formality associated with the Wedding you are attending. Weddings can be very formal or informal depending on the couples preferences. For a formal Wedding your best option would be to go for a Black Tie look. If you want to standout but remain in the formal theme of Black Tie you could pair the look with velvet smoking jacket. As temperatures begin to plummet during Winter Wedding season it always a good idea to factor a coat into your formal attire. A classic overcoat that is knee length and single breasted is a smart option to keep you warm and stylish. Typically a black, dark grey or even navy coat can tie the look together while keeping you warm. Weddings that are a little more informal give the attendees a little more creative control. Winter Weddings typically are dominated by a darker colour palette. A navy blue, charcoal grey or black suit will work best for these. Without rigid formalities you can experiment with different colours within these darker tones by using accessories.

Layer Up:

Winter Weddings can be notoriously cold so staying warm while looking and feeling your best is a huge priority. The addition of a waistcoat not only smartens up a regular two piece suit but will offer an extra layer of insulation for the wearer. The choice of fabric can have a major effect on whether you are able to tackle adverse temperature conditions throughout the day. The addition of a Tweed waistcoat to your suit could make all of the difference. Tweed Jackets and Waistcoat have become a classic staple within the fashion industry standing the test of time for many years. This fabric is not only a contemporary statement piece but it fairs exceptionally well with the ever changing weather patterns. Properties that are interwoven within the fabric allow it to be somewhat water repellent. Tweed offers insulation providing  more warmth to the wearer making it much more effective than fabrics such as linen or wool. The addition of an overcoat will also help with the sub zero temperatures the day could bring. 

Attention To Detail:

With a huge array of prints, textures and colours available it is important to pick the right accessories. With regards to colour we suggest going for darker tones with a heavy level of saturation. Colours that will make you pop but aren't bright enough to clash with the darker tones of your chosen suit. Darker colours such as burgundy, plum, maroon will mix well for this season.The addition of cuff links and pocket squares will also take your wedding style attire to the next level. Shoes are also an important factor as they bring the entire look together. If wearing a black suit pair them with a classic pair of  black shoes. Alternatively brown shoes blend really well  with navy and blue suits. Finally a burgundy shoe can blend really well with a dark navy suit. 

Festive Cheer: 

’Tis the season so no one will question if you are taking some themes associated with Christmas and incorporating them into your Wedding Day attire. We aren’t saying to rock up the ceremony wearing your favourite Christmas jumper but there are other ways to keep the festive cheer alive. Subtlety will allow you to visually show your Christmas spirit without compromising on your own style. The addition of a festive bowtie or pocket square can make this subtle statement for the wearer. A simple Forest Green, Christmas Red, Silver Snowflake or Gold Parcel coloured accessory would also work. Wedding guests could also opt for festive cufflinks, a simple tartan or Christmas decorative shape would be a subtle and relevant nod to the current season we are in. 

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