Why Choose Tweed For Your Wedding Day

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Tweed is a timeless multi functional fabric that can be made into stylish and contemporary  garments. The fabric itself is versatile, durable and works extremely well when following a select theme. A well fitted tweed wedding suit will leave the groom feeling his best as he matches the style of his bride to be on the day. 


Choosing a tweed wedding suit allows the wearer a certain level of expression that traditional grooms-wear attire can lack.  A three piece tweed suit opens up a realm of possibilities due to the versatility of the fabric. A wide range of unique experimentation is easily achieved through the wide selection of fabrics, patterns and colour combinations that are available. If the nation of a full tweed wedding suit is a bit daunting for a groom. A light mix and match approach with tweed will settle any reservations that the groom may be having. We suggest a small pop of tweed being added to a traditional wedding suit. Smaller additions such as a tweed bow tie or a tweed waistcoat will offer the groom tradition with a striking twist. 


Tweed suits have become a classic staple within the fashion industry standing the test of time for many years. This fabric is not only a contemporary statement piece but it fairs exceptionally well with the ever changing weather patterns. Properties that are interwoven within the fabric allow it to be somewhat water repellent making it much more effective than fabrics such as linen or wool. Tweed is exceptionally beneficial for Autumn, Winter or even Spring weddings as the fabric offers insulation providing warmth and comfort to the wearer. 


Fit is one of the single most important thing to look out for when purchasing a suit and if there was ever a time to look your best, your Wedding Day should be top of the list. Visually there is a massive distinction between a fitted tweed suit and one that is just thrown together. The fabric should emphasise the grooms body shape in a positive manner and enhance his silhouette. A fitted tweed suit will provide a strong frame and allow the Groom to stand tall and be confident in what he is wearing. 

Theme Orientated Potential:

There has always been a lot of thought and emphasis put on the bridal party and how the bridesmaids are going to be dressed that in some ways the groomsmen can be left in their dust. Incorporating tweed elements into your groomsmen party actually makes for an effortless and more stylish wedding party. By using tweed as an overall theme the groomsmen can allow their own self expression and style to shine through instead of a clone like crowd assembling around the wedding venue. A mix and match of  colours, accessories and styles will avoid anyone looking too similar and will make a bigger impact on the day. For example if you and your partner co-sign a particular shade of tweed for your Groomsmen, one can have that tweed as bow tie, a regular tie or someone who is a bit more daring can incorporate this into their waistcoat.

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