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Made to measure Wedding suits have been gaining more and more attention in recent times. The popularity of made to measure  has grown due it being the quickest and most efficient way in perfecting  the fit of your wedding suit. Made to measure tailoring is a synergy of bespoke garment creation and ready to wear tailoring. Tailors will discuss  recent fashion trends, the grooms preferences in terms of style and will then take measurements to find the perfect pre-made patterns to complement his body type.  This procedure gives the groom more creative control than a ready to wear suit. 

The Made To Measure Process: 

Step One - Fabric Selection 

Typically the first step on the agenda will be choosing your cloth from a selection of options. The choice can boil down to a matter of weight, so it is important to know what season your wedding will fall in before embarking on this journey. The fabric choice will decide what colour and pattern your finished garment will have. Typically the tailor will enquire on the level of construction needed such as it being  half-lined or fully-canvassed.

Step Two - Measurements

Several measurements will be taken by your tailor in order to perfect the fit of the suit. Once the tailor has your chest, waist, seat measurements you will then try on a suit matching your preferred construction preferences. This allows the tailor to visualise and use this as a template of your own garment. The tailor will then pin it to shape exploring a fit that is specially tailored for your own body shape characteristics. The tailor will excess your height, build, posture and overall symmetry. These electives will establish the needs of the client and allow the tailor to construct the perfect garment for them. 

Step Three - The Details:

The final part of the consultation will allow the client to choose additional requests such as the number of buttons in the fastening, belt loops, cufflinks, the types of pockets and the type of finish. Typically a few weeks later you will be called in for a final fitting for final adjustments and to decide on sleeve and leg lengths which of course can change depending on the type of shoe that will be paired with your Wedding suit. 

Why Choose Made To Measure:

Made to measure is the perfect option for those who can afford to spend a little more than a ready to wear suit but cannot justify the excessive spending capabilities that can occur with a full bespoke garment. A well crafted made to measure suit can pass as a bespoke garment depending on the quality of cloth used and the skill of the tailor crafting your wedding suit. It can be a daunting task trying to find your perfect Wedding suit from a ready to wear collection. Simple alterations can only go so far when you have the perfect idea for a suit in your mind but it is not being offered on the shop floor. With Made To Measure you can allow your creativity to flourish and work with a highly skilled tailor in order to craft the perfect suit for your Wedding Day.  This can take the stress out of finding the perfect suit and become a fun element to your Wedding Day preparation. 

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