Grooms Guide: Styling Tweed

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We all know picking the perfect suit is an exceptionally daunting task for any Groom. Add  the concept of tweed into the mix and an exasperated frenzy of panic can set in quicker than the prospect of cold feet. Tweed is classic and versatile fabric that has been around for many years carrying with it, ideals and a misconception that it is difficult to style and even pull off. This contemporary yet timeless fabric should not be feared, only embraced.  A tweed suit will open up an array of styling possibilities for your Wedding Day suit options. 

Green Tweed:

The mere mention of tweed anything and we all envisage dark and rich greens that encompassed the natural landscape of our homeland. Green Tweed is especially synonymous with country life and the great outdoors.  It is best to keep this look quite simple to allow the beautiful dark greens to do all of the work for you. Typically a pop of burgundy in the accessory department can really elevate this suit to new heights. This pop of colour complements the ideals of traditional tweed while also giving it a modern and contemporary twist for your Wedding Day. 


Brown Tweed:

A brown tweed wedding suit is an earthy sensation that is best worn to a wedding that has an outdoorsy theme running through its core infrastructure. Weddings that are taking place in the country, a cottage, a farm or a meadow will complement this rich chestnut infused garment. Brown tweed is a neutral colour option that will pair nicely with a number of different accessories. Colours such as navy, light grey, pale pink, burgundy and light blue will elevate your tweed aspirations to a new level. A brown tweed wedding suit will exude formality while also giving a nod to a restorative aesthetic. 


Blue Tweed:

Blue and navy pigmentation are some of the darker tones available within Tweed. The mere notion of darker tones on your wedding day evoke a classic, chic and confident suit choice for for any groom. This colour works best for Autumn/Winter wedding themes  whether it is a traditional church wedding or outdoor service. Allow the blue and navy combination to be the star of the show, let the phrase “less is more”  echo in your ears while picking out your accessories to complement your wedding day ensemble. A neutral colour palette of black, brown or grey accessories will pair best with this suit selection.


Grey Tweed:

Grey Tweed is a sophisticated and externally versatile wedding option for any groom who enjoys a more subtle approach to his fashion. Typically this colour will work for any type of wedding, regardless of theme, venue choice or season. This base colour will work is almost all accessory combinations with a few variations depending on the season. Spring/Summer weddings invite a more pastel colour palette such as a blue, pink, mint or sage green. Autumn/Winter weddings choose darker colours such as burgundy, purple, navy, or black. As for shoes, there are a multitude  of variations available but it is important to coordinate these with your chosen accessories colour palette.


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