Choosing The Perfect Wedding Suit

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Time Of The Year:

As the seasons change so do wedding trends, opting for having the same suit in different colours for contrasting times of the year can be a life saver. Summer weddings allow the wearer to be bold and mix things up. We suggest incorporating a pattern, herringbone, houndstooth or an adventurous print to breathe new life into your summer wedding wardrobe. For winter weddings we suggest going for a three piece suit as layers will be your best friend in these colder months of the year. With this in mind fabrics such as linen may look inviting but a heavier fabric choice such as tweed will offer more insulation and warmth for those outdoor wedding shots. Colour wise we suggest sticking with a neutral colour scheme avoiding any bright and loud colours that encompass a summer wedding aesthetic. 

The Fit:

Regardless of price point curating the perfect fit can transform an average looking suit into an amazing suit. When choosing your wedding suit we suggest looking out for these attributes within your suit. When investigating the jacket close a single-breasted jacket with only one button even if it’s a three-button jacket. This will test how loose or tight the jacket appears.  If the two sides meet neatly without the lapels hanging forward it is too loose, where as if the lower edges of the jacket are flaring out like a skirt it is too tight.The button should close without strain and have no wrinkles radiating out from the closure. Subsequently the hem of the jacket should hit right around the middle of your hand.

Be Comfortable:

There is an abundant of choice available with regards to the various cuts, colours and fabric to choose from regarding  your wedding day style. An important element within  these choices is staying true to your own style and personal preference. Dressing for your natural shape will determine what type of suit will make you look and feel your best self. Single breasted suits can give the impression of a slimmer frame. Where as a double breasted suit can allude to a more modern look. However they may not offer the best fit for everyone as in some cases they give the appearance of a wider frame. Being comfortable and confident will make the entire wedding experience much more enjoyable. 

Details Matter: 

In recent times the bow tie has been becoming increasingly more popular. With a huge array of prints, textures and colours available it is important to pick the right neck accessory. We suggest making sure that your neck piece option is part of a cohesive decision making process that pulls the entire look together. If you are looking to  spice up a subtle suit for a summer wedding  just add a bold pop of colour to standout from the sea of suits already attending the wedding party. A print or pattered tie is also a great way to personalise the outfit allowing your own style to shine through. The addition of cuff links and pocket squares will also take your wedding style attire to the next level.

The Shoes:
The Wedding Day shoes can become a little bit of an after thought as most of the preparation goes into finding the perfect suit. Shoes are used to finish off this complete look and can make or break all of the hard work and consideration that has gone into your Wedding Day style.We suggest keeping these points in mind when buying your shoes for a wedding. If wearing a black suit pair them with a classic pair of  black shoes. Alternatively brown shoes blend really well  with navy and blue suits. While a grey suit  will offer more versatility as it can be paired with either black or brown shoes.  If you have the perfect shoes that have seen better days, a professional polish, a new heel and a fresh pair of laces can make the world of difference. 

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