It’s nearly the end of Communion season and it’s very clear that blue and navy are the most popular colours for suits this year.

As a result the most frequently asked question by our customers has been “how do I make my son look different from the other boys in blue/navy suits?” We have paired some terrific shirts, shoes and accessorieswith everyone’s favourite French navy suit to give you some ideas of how to make your son stand out on his communion day.

For our first look we have paired our French Navy suit with our tan loafers, blue poka-dot shirt and red paisley tie creates an amazing look that’s sharp and an instant classic. If your son has fair hair and a light completion this is the look for you. And of course don’t forget to complete your look with a Communion Pin.

If you like a little more colour you will love this. For our second look we have paired our berry pink shirt with contrasting white collar and matching boy’s berry bow and pocket hanky with our French Navy suit. It really brings out the rich blue of the suit and complements perfectly with our tan brogues. If your son has a dark hair and a dark completion this is the perfect look for you.

Finally if you like to break the mould and have a look that’s quirky but practical this is the look for you. For our third look we have paired our French Navy suit with our black buckled shoes and sky blue shirt with contrasting white collar which really allows the baby pink bowtie to pop. We all know you will get more use out of a black pair of shoes than anything else so by keeping the tones neutral for the rest of the look the shoes fade into the background and the bow really stands out.

So if you are still looking for best way to finish your communion outfit remember to use lighter tones for fairer skin and rich colours if you have darker hair and completion. This will help you finish off your outfit for the best possible result.

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