All you need for your Ultimate Debs Look

Your results are in and your all out celebrating before you run off to college, and who can blame you? You have been cooped up all year with a book in your face and more practice exams completed than you ever though imaginable. So while you unwind after a long year let us help you with our top tips for getting your Ultimate Debs Look for your last hurrah before you start college.

Know What Your Matching.

As your date may have their outfit already its a good idea to find out what they are wearing and maybe discuss co-ordinating your outfits if thats what you want to do. Either way make sure you have a photo of their outfit saved to your phone before you start shopping. 

Always Go Three-Piece.

A three-piece suit offers you multiple looks throughout the night. We all know jackets usually stay on you just for photographs and are discarded the rest of the night, until the end of the festivities (Usually the next morning) when the dapper gent offers it to his date to keep them warm on the way home. As such the waistcoat not only keeps you warm but will also keep you looking your best throughout the night. So whether its matching or contrasting always get the waistcoat.

When In Doubt Go White. 

Matching ties and bowties to your date can be hard, so don't overcomplicate it by trying to match a shirt to it too. As Robert Browning once said "Less is More." A crisp white shirt is often undervalued but it can really make an outfit into a look you are proud of with little effort. 

Get It Fitted.

Don't waste all your money getting a lovely new suit and not get it fitted. Altering that suit to your perfect fit is the best thing you can possibly do when buying your suit, it helps you put your best foot forward and shows off your great physique. So don't look frumpy look your best. Just be warned alterations can take some time to complete so allow plenty of time to get this done. 

Follow these tips to look the best for your Debs

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