Making the most of your time at Wedding Fairs.

With the Wedding and Honeymoon Show in the RDS just finished we thought we would give you some top tips to make the most of your time at next years show. 

We all know that Wedding Fairs are a big part of getting married, whether you are just engaged and are looking for ideas; in the midst of finalising those last few details or just trying to get your party favours, a wedding fair is the best place to organise this. 

However its important to make the most of your time when your there and go in with a plan and not get too distracted, which can easily happen between fashion shows and free samples. So here are some of our top tips to make the most of your time at the wedding fair:


Plan in advance.
If you know you need to sort out your suits or your dress speak with these merchants first. You will be given a map of all the venders when you arrive and if they are like us they will be showing their best selling suits and their next season collection on their displays usually dressed for weddings so this is a great opportunity to see what looks best when worn. And if you can (not all venders allow this) take photographs so you can review them afterwards. 

Take advantage of the offers. 
The best part of wedding fairs is that there is a lot of special offers available on the day, where products are reduced and cheaper than you will find them online or in-store. So if you are in a position to book anything I recommend that you do. 

Bring support. 
As I said previously its really easy to get distracted at these fairs, which is why I recommend bringing someone else with you apart from your signifiant other who can help you keep on track of everything you need to do and everyone you need to speak to. It's also helpful to have a second or third option on those ever important decisions that your too sure about. 

Enjoy yourself.
While its important to make the most of your time at a wedding fair, you should enjoy yourself and take in the ambience after all its all been created and designed around you and your needs. So enjoy yourself. 

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