Rental Terms and Conditions

Rental Terms and Conditions

When renting suits at Dorian Black the hirer enters into an agreement with the supplier which is subject to the Dorian Black terms and conditions.

Condition of suits and accessories upon return:

The hirer accepts responsibility to keep the suits in good condition and to return them on time when they are in his/her possession. 

The hirer does not have permission to alter or modify the suits in any way. If the suits are altered or modified, then Dorian Black will charge the hirer for either the replacement cost of the suit or the cost to rectify the changes. The hirer will authorise the deduction of such amounts in the event of this situation arising to be taken from the security credit card immediately

Deposits will not be returned if the suits are returned in a damaged state and it is in the sole opinion of Dorian Black to decide if there is damage to the goods.

In cases of severe damage to goods which would require serious attention, the hirer will be invoiced to cover the amount which exceeds the deposit. 

Any suit covers, boxes, hangers and bags are provided at no extra cost but they will be charged by the replacement cost of each if lost or returned damaged.

In the event of lost of misplaced items the hirer will be charged the replacement cost of each product if it cannot be found or if an extended period of time has passed.

Late return of goods:

All goods must be returned on the date specified by Dorian Black. 

The hirer is solely responsible for ensuring that the all goods are fully and safely returned.

A security deposit is required for the wedding order as a whole which will be taken as a swipe of your credit card.

If suits are returned late, a charge of €50 per suit per day the suits are late will be made to the card.

Rentals should be returned within one working day of the wedding date. We recommend that a groomsmen or family member be selected prior to the wedding and given the responsibility to ensure that the suits are collected and returned within the time limit. The period of time will be set out by Dorian Black.

The use of the rental suits:

The suits are for formal or private use only.

We do not permit the sub rental of any of our goods.

The hirer must ensure that all measurements for the wedding parties have been received by no less than ¬¬¬six weeks before the wedding. Otherwise a late handling fee of €25 will be charged for each party member that does not provide the information on time.