Boys First Holy Communion: The Four B’s

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Your child’s ’First Holy Communion’ is a tremendous mile stone and celebration for the whole family. Choosing the perfect outfit with your child can be a daunting and somewhat gruelling task. However with some careful preparation and planning one can take the stress out of the day and reinvigorate this triumphant moment to its former glory. We have compiled some 

Be Sustainable: 

Typically communion suits are only worn once. However if you buy a garment with some versatility it can be repurposed to look like an entirely new outfit. Changing the shoes, accessories and colours associated with your boys suit can be used to reach a new level of versatility. At Dorian Black we offer a wide range of boys jackets that can be used to mix and match for future events such as weddings, christening or even a siblings confirmation. 

Be Bold With Tweed: 

Tweed is a contemporary statement piece that fairs exceptionally well with our ever changing weather patterns. A light mix and match approach with tweed can really give your little one an edge over some of the more classic suits that will be seen on the day. Our Tweed options are extremely versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the child and their parents preferences. Smaller additions such as a tweed bow tie or a tweed waistcoat can also be used to modernise a traditional communion look. 

Be Observant:

A great way to elevate any Communion look is to use the right accessories to finish it off. The addition of a patterned  bowtie can add a pop of colour and really introduce some flair to the outfit. A pocket square can be used to pull the look together by giving it a clean and cohesive finish. A pair of braces can be introduced for the more daring and dapper young gentleman. The boy’s shoes are an important aspect to consider after the outfit has been chosen. If wearing a black pair it with a classic pair of  black shoes. Alternatively brown shoes blend really well with navy and blue suits. While a grey look will offer more versatility as it can be paired with either black or brown shoes. 

Be Comfortable:

The most important element on the day is your child’s happiness. As a parent/guardian you want to give your child the best day they can possibly have. Being comfortable and confident will allow your child to feel secure and they will get the most out of their special day. Fit is one of the single most important things to look out for when purchasing any outfit for a big occasion. Visually there is a massive distinction between a fitted  outfit  and one that is just thrown together. At Dorian Black our in house tailoring rooms will make sure your little gentlemen has tailored excellence for his special occasion. Whether you are purchasing a three piece suit or doing a mix and match of trousers, shirts and jackets, we guarantee our clients the perfect fit.

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