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4 Tips for planning your post lockdown Wedding

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We have a lot of time to ourselves recently, promises of self productivity can sometimes dwindle when some mammoth tasks, such as planning your big day. The underlying uncertainty of the hour can be disheartening to say the least. However the show must go on! You will applaud yourself later for reading and implementing our “4 Tips for planning your post lockdown wedding”. Find out what you can do NOW to get ahead of the pack and make the most out of your time now to save the stress later!

1. Open A Dialog With Your Suppliers

Most people have adopted online shopping as a result of the Pandemic, however Suits and Dresses require consultations and fittings to get the outfit of your dreams, identify colours or materials or get alterations done.

It’s important to use this time to start a conversation online with some suppliers. Some even offer initial virtual appointments to walk you through their options, while helping to give you a good idea of colours and styles of suits and accessories. It may even be worth booking your initial consultation provisionally in March or April to get ahead and reserve your spot. Many suppliers will be inundated for months with the backlog of weddings from 2020. Save yourself the hassle and book today!

Dorian Black is taking virtual appointments over Zoom and is always available by phone, email or whatsapp. If you are looking for idea’s on what to wear, visit our website to see our new SS21 collection.
Or click the image beside to book your Virtual Appointment

2. Accessory Shopping

Worried about matching colours for your bridal party? Now is the time to get those accessories sorted. If you are trying to find ties and pocket squares to match your bridesmaid dresses, why not send a sample to your preferred supplier. Dorian Black is happy to source your accessories, even during the lockdown. Getting small items like this sorted like ties, cufflinks and socks can save you a huge amount of time and stress down the line!

3. Curate Your Guestlist

Chances are that by the time you are due to get married, restrictions will be light and many more guests will be permitted at weddings. However, remember back in March 2020? How we all thought this would be over by the summer? Almost a year later we find ourselves in a similar position. With all the optimism in the world, it is always worth having a plan for less numbers. Your plan B guest list should contain people that know each other and should obviously be the closest friends & family to the Bride & Groom. In the future, plans can be made for a larger celebration, so don’t dwell on shaving of guests. They will understand. Dorian Black are flexible with numbers and will work with you throughout this decision deciding on your Groomsmen suits and alterations.

4. Personalised PPE

We are all looking forward to the days where we don’t have to wear masks anymore. 

However, the current trend gives you the opportunity to personalise your facewear and match colours for the big day. Getting facemasks that match to match ties or dresses will not only protect against infection, but have you looking dapper as well. Dorian Black offers matching facemasks to both suits and accessories, speak to us today to get some ideas.

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