6 Top Tips for Styling looks for Boys

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Shopping for your little ones can be a bit of hassle! Once they are toddlers and beyond, they begin coming into their unique sense of style. They can be even very picky with what they want to wear. Most little ones love soft and irritation-free fabrics as they are so cozy on their skin & even more comfortable to play in!

Dorian Black offers practical and affordable boys suits and separates you can buy for your young trendsetter. But, did you know that we also ensure all of our pieces are incredibly easy to mix and match for your kids? 

If you are wondering how to put the perfect outfit together that will make your little one happy, here are 6 easy tips to mix and match your kid’s fashion style.

6 Top Tips...

Stock Up on Staples

Investing in basic essentials is an important tip of mixing and matching boy’s fashion style. If your kid is a smart boy, you can go with chinos or jeans as it can be mixed and matched with any shirts or blazers for an easy smart look that he will get great use out of. 

Stick to Solid Neutral Colors

When it comes to mixing and matching, it’s essential to have a base of solid neutral colors like gray, black or denim bottoms. Denim bottoms can coordinate with various blazers and shirts with patterns, styles, or accessories. If your kids are wearing solid bottoms, let them show their style with a fun shirt. You can pair a solid coloured shirt with patterned or textured trousers. 

Think of Color Schemes

While shopping in solid colours that can easily match any tops with attractive styles is essential, you don’t have to limit your options to neutrals all the same. If you want to give your kid a bold statement, you can pair their clothes with other colours. But, limit your colour to a maximum of three for each outfit. Otherwise, your kid can be a part of a joke among their friends’ circle.

Purchase Separates

Shopping separates usually gives your child a lot of flexibility when mixing and matching pieces. In this way, they can have multiple outfits with only a few different items. 

Don’t Forget a Statement

Let your kid’s personality shine and make a statement. There is nothing like a little accessorising to make your kid’s outfit look entirely different. After all, every mix-and-match suit needs some kind of shirt, tie or bowtie to jazz it up. So, always look for things that can be worn a lot.

Get Creative

When it comes to your little one’s style, let them express their individuality. Just because you may think something doesn’t mix and match, that doesn’t mean your kid feels the same way. Your child could just be on the advance of a new mix-and-match trend. Mixing and matching kid’s outfits should be fun so don’t take it too seriously. When you give your little one choices on what to wear, it will teach them responsibility and even puts them in change of their style. They will love choosing the perfect outfit just as much as you do.

So, these are 6 easy tips on how to mix and match a kid’s fashion style. 

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